Tommy Lee – Hot Like Fire Lyrics







A Tommy Lee
True shi a wine fi me
Are man just a pree

Shi seh Tommy Lee mi love you melody
Every love in a di world shi a go gi mi
Shi wine fi mi shi seh only me
Shi swear to God seh are man haffi pree


Gyal dem hot like fire
Some no hot nun at all
Whats that asaga cyan walk where you walk
Some gyal dem no cleaver
Dem haffi hide in a dark
Cyan walk where you walk to
Cyan walk where you walk

{Verse 1}

As shi come in a mi house shi buss off mi shirt
Cut off mi choozes hu
Shi ride mi riddim
Mi hold mike down shi know how fi sing
Hmmmmmmmm giddy up pow mi thing
Go gyal a go giddy up paw mi thing
Hu shi call mi di king after shi run over mi thing
Gyal you a winner still mi know mi naw go lose
Wine go down slow an no bother meck yo likkle supn bruise
Under di influence
A di right rum yo choose
Rock to di riddim an cruse
Cruse, cruse, do gaza move
Always a why never shi approve
Pop out till you kick off shoes

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Gyal you a mi type
Anytime yo si mi you fi gimme
Mi no care who did deh deh
Come on caw mi waan go deh
Hmm anytime when you wine, when you wine
Man just a pizz every time every time
Watch di gyal pon di pole shi a climb
Even if you waan fi come home mi no mine
Come gimme love every gyal gimme love
Love wi a gi every gyal gi wi hug
Hu mi no eat mi a thug
Cause di gyal dem a road anyone dem a thug
Full up in a dance gyal a rush wi rush wi fast
And dem a talk seh dem nah meck wi pass
Straight jeans marina wid Clarks
Hmmmmm gaza a first class

{Repeat Chorus}


Gyal yeh mi love unu mad
Mi llove unu bad
Mi love unu hard mi swear to God
Mi love unu
Mi love unu
Mi love unu

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  1. I luv this song gwan do thing tommy lee.