Queen Ifrica – Come Fi Party Lyrics


Yo never si da one yah coming
Fire momma blazing
Hey Berch road wi a do hi no seet yah

Party wi come fi party
Wi an di fire army
Right as wi walk through the gate
The first things the warriors a ask mi

{Verse 1}

Yow momma a wa a gwaan over deh so
No sah supn wrong over deh so
How so much man over deh so
A who that a bend over deh so
Wi no trust none a dem over deh so
Wi no have no friend over deh so
A pure fire wi a send over deh so
Mi c**k dem need hen over deh so


Cause a party wi come fi party
Wi an di fire army
From wi role in a things no look clean
Wi role out in a di garty

Party wi come fi party
Wi an di fire army
Wid kings an queens in red gold an green
When bingy fire blaze is party

{Verse 2}

Wi step in a di party di party full
Wi si di party Deva an di party bull
Yuh have di party on di man land
The party cyan a bad bump
With the land is a land apart a party good
Dem cyan box no juice out a my hand
Moranga calabash tough like a iron
Claim seh dem a swag
Brog seh seh a god
That good but tell deh I am di I am
Party now a days set away but wi naw exodus from good music a play
Si Jahnoy deh have up yuh wid K
So who naw dance just come out a wi way

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

High grade over yah so
A just di highest wi a blaze over yah so
Oily silassi wi praise over yah so
Yow no fish cyan scale over yah so
A just di youths dem wi defend over yah so
Hey fire house pain land over yah so
Grand pen water pon over yah so
Red hills road an common over yah so
Stan pipe august town over yah so
Yaniville rock fort over yah so
Kerkiss outside over yah so
Matches lane garden over yah so
Hey spanish town portmore over yah so
Flanks Canterbury salt spring over yah so

{Repeat Chorus}