Christopher Martin – Messenger Lyrics


Well I, well I, well I, well I’ve
Being through allot
But I, but I, but I, but I
Will never try to be someone am not

{Verse 1}

So if you go somewhere and hear something about mi
Girl ask mi don’t you doubt mi
Cause a nuff bwoy waan fi out mi


So if you don’t trust the messenger why would you trust the message
And if you don’t think I love you girl why do u take my loving
Girl if you don’t trust me now you wont trust me lata
Oh no so if you go listen to hear seh see you lata
Oh see you lata
Oh see you lata girl
See you lata
Oh see you lata yea

{Verse 2}

Hey yow a must the loving a hold are
Cause every day shi get another complain
He seh, she seh, wa mi do, weh mi deh
Mi no understand why shi stays
But baby don’t make the messages fool you
And don’t make the messengers rule you
Hey caw they don’t really wanna see you happy
Member amuse we love company

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Hey hey meck mi tell you bout this girl of mine
Meck people tell are things all the time
Lies about mi backed in her mind
And from the story negative shi listen every line
Cause she is a pessimist
In the beginning she wasn’t like this
Every lie them tell paw mi shi believe
A wonder if a leave shi want mi fi leave
If you leave me girl you won’t find a better man no
If they think am no good tell them find you a better man