Future Fambo – Celebrate Tonight Lyrics


Lets have a toast
Lets have a toast to life
The good times an di bad times
Step easy
Step easy
Am happy


Raise your glasses at the bar
Thank god we reach this far
So we celebrate tonight
We raising to the stars
The knew who we are
So we celebrate tonight

{Verse 1}

Sound me everything for free
For get about di stress an misery
Pain an worries is history
Only good vibes in this party
Every body godda live their life
Live your life mi a live my life
For all di mistakes we’ve pay di price
So mix bay drink with cubes of ice

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Celebrate an live forever
To si wi hand happy day will never
Motivate yo self an be cleaver
My joy is no hidden treasure
Everybody got one life to live
Live 40 an rave an live life big
No worry bout di evil people
And di evil things they did

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}