Bugle – Think U Know Lyrics


Life is not always what it seems like true
It’s not always a green light
So be careful who yuh waan be like


If yuh think yuh know me like I know
Like I know
Just try one step in a mi shoes
Yeh just take one step in a mi shoes
If yuh being through what I being through
Just one step in a mi shoes
Just try one step in a mi shoes

{Verse 1}

One time it look like a sun but a rain a fall
Wi have tears but fraid fi ball
There is no one to run to yo rescue yeh
When yo back is against the wall
Andrew blacks more time mi frass
When mi pocket run out a cash yeh yeh
Pretty car but no have no gas…. real thin
Know di time but wi no have no watch

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

A no everything wa glitter a gold bout yah
Man kind heart cold bout yah
Yeh yeh me naw play certain role bout yah
And me naw sell my soul bout yah never
Me rather swallow my pride
Big an bold dem cyan meck mi hype
Jah know me cyan pree suicide
This a di truth wa nuff a dem a deny

{Repeat Chorus}


Deh road yah no easy
Jah know da road yah it wrong yeh
But still wi haffi carry on
No matter wa a gwaan yeh
Through di rain an storm
Jah know mi still a keep calm
Some time dem feel like mi life easy
But it cold like ice
Yes it warm yeh
Yeh man a that a gwaan