Khago – Green Tree Lyrics


Sky Walker
Yes yeh
Gyal De-ville
Hey Frass
A by di doesen
Don’t tell
Wi get gyal easy
Wi get gyal easy
Take 1 3 4 gyal


So hi a pree di green tree yea
Mi shake di money tree an get gyal easy
Mi seh yo pree di green leaf yea
the green leaf meck every gyal waan please mi
Mi seh yo pree di green tree
The money tree meck mi get gyal easy
Mi seh yo pree di green leaf
Green lief
Hi a pree the green leaf

{Verse 1}

Yeh di green leaf meck catty get broiling
Watch are a dash out di thing pon chap-poling
Phone a ring shi no answer di calling
The green leaf meck mi get many darling
Mi nah lie yow mi love how di thing set yow
Every gyal in a di scheme come a take set yow
A gyal a join line an dem a busk like cow
Dem waan get a touch like wow

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

The gyal dem tun up mi thing now mi life set a way now
Sky walker a di gyal dem way yow
Mi a di gyal dem government so be where yow
Da catty deh shi haffi shear yow
Now di gyal dem want a shot off a bazzle clip
Gyal from all over di world take a trip
Gyal a grab on to di stick like a rubber grip
A so dem well waan take on it

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}

One Comment

  1. When dedicacing to Star Wars fans, Mark Hamill was writing Follow the Force, and Harisson Ford, less serious, was writing Force yourself.