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Busy Signal And His Mother Sits Down For First TV Interview [Video]

Dancehall superstar Glendale Gordon, more popularly known as Busy Signal, sat down with Winford Williams of OnStage for his first TV interview since released from jail over a week ago.

Busy Signal: “Prison Changed My Life”

Signal, and his mother, Velma Gordon, opens up about his ordeal behind bars in relation to a crime committed in the United States over 10 years ago.

“For me it wasn’t just a easy streak or a easy walk over,” Busy Signal said. “Some people may have it as a vacation but I don’t know how they have that because everybody is different. For me I got my life and my career was going and still going and everything was flowing. Then bang from the airport, to gun court, to GP, and extradition to America. So it was very tough.”

Busy Signal mom, Velma, also shared her hardship dealing with her son’s legal troubles for the last 10 years.

“I have a son that I cannot be close to and I cannot do what am suppose to do because signing that bond and for him to leave the country and go away… It was like the family was in prison because we could not contacted him the way we would want to,” Signal’s mom said.

Busy Signal also said the 2002 case against him was very weak since he did not have narcotics in his possession, however, he had a crappy lawyer defending his case which resulted in his decision to flea the country for Jamaica.

Watch footage from the interview below and share your thoughts in comments.

Part 2 of interview no interruptions.


  1. uplift d dancehall signal…………..

  2. I like Busy even more after seeing this interview. Strong upbringing from Mom and a mam from my parish.

  3. big up your self busy signal mom… mi like how u set the thing from early.

  4. nutting like when u come from a good back ground…. big up u self busy.

  5. Those are good interviews of Busy Signal and Moms.I am glad he is out of jail and I am hoping the they will book a show for him in the SF Bay Area real soon.

  6. busy yuh a good youth, big up.

  7. Busy Signal is a genuine youth. big yourself