SAY WHAT! Too Much Tommy Lee Almost Cost Sound System Selector His Life In Flanker

Who would have thought that too much Tommy Lee music playing in Flanker would be a problem.

According to reports reaching Urban Islandz, a sound system selector was brutally assaulted and a few others shot and injured after said selector was playing back to back Tommy Lee songs at a wake in Vietnam, Flankers this week.

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A patron who attended the wake told Urban Islandz reps that tensions are still high in the community from the chaotic incident.

“A group a youths got upset because the selector was playing too much Tommy Lee. One of them went over to him and asked him to stop playing so much Tommy Lee and the selector told him about his mother and start playing even more Tommy Lee,” the source said.

“The group of guys went over and start a brawl before someone part that fight but they left and came back with guns blazing,” the source added.

“Tommy Lee and some of those youths have feud from long before him turn deejay, so there are some tension,” the source continues.

The source told us that three persons are hospitalized in critical condition including the selector.

Tommy Lee born and grew up in Flankers, St. James, so this might come as a shocker to fans.

Dancehall rival Bounty Killer took to his Twitter page yesterday to blast Tommy Lee over the incident.

“See it deh now me tell unuh dem a pu**y a mobay bout run flanka and yu songs dem cyaah even play inna ur place as u claimed and yu waah come diss man inna dem craddle su*k unuh muma and stashment or nobody cyaah save unuh a riverton no day take notes unuh lucky the whole hunts bay did deh deh!!!” Bounty Killer tweeted.

Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee have been beefing since this summer. The two deejays cross path at a recent show in Riverton City, but police officers quash things before it got out of hand.

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