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Busy Signal Released From Jail, Arrives In Jamaica Last Night

Dancehall star Busy Signal is back.

The “One More Night” deejay arrives in Jamaica last night after serving two months in a Minnesota jail for absconding bail.

Shane Brown: “Busy Signal Use To Clean Elephant Man’s Sneaker For 2 Yrs”

Dancehall artist Elephant Man and Busy Signal’s manager, Shane Brown, greeted the deejay on his arrival at the Norman Manley International airport on Friday evening.

Busy announced his arrival via his Twitter page sending out a few photos in the process.

Guess who is back! God is GOOD!

The Turf is back!!!!!! Give thanks

Turf and brothers reunited! Only God! (Busy Signal Twitter)

Sources close to the deejay told Urban Islandz that he is now spending some quality time with his family and his newborn baby.

“Busy is happy to be back home his family and friends happy, its just a great feeling to have him back,” the source said. “First thing for him now is to spend some quality time with his family. There will be a welcome home party this weekend with family and close friends.”

Busy Signal was arrested in June this year after arriving on a flight from London to the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston. He was then extradited to the United States to face trial for a drug charge dated back to 2002.

However, he was only charged with absconding bail after his lawyer told the court he could not be charged for the previous drug trafficking charge based on the extradition treaty between the United States and Jamaica.

Busy Signal latest album Reggae Music Again is now in stores be sure to get a copy.

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  1. ateh! welcome back.missed u badly.buuuusy.

  2. Bless u my mind setter Busy Signal…who no go no see””now u are made amongs all grades…bless u”” wetin for u here in our port harcourt carnival dis Xmas..de fire kian kul @urmainmantboi bless u.

  3. Welcome home Dj. we tired fi hear f@?#$~y…we miss real talent. (****Alliance***)

  4. Big up bredda glad to know yr back a mad thing

  5. aawaiting dem new hits aah new signal now.

  6. well cme back buzy signalwe alway pray fr u

  7. good to have u back welcomen.

  8. welcome back busy….

  9. Thank God you are back .

  10. I am very happy that you are back. Glory be to God.

  11. So gud to have u back pun the free land we want to hear that reggae music again!1 more time not forgetting Adi-Teacher we waiting deh pun for his release as well God is gud all de time RESPECT!

  12. welcome back man we miss u so much and pliz make an effort to come to KENYA with DJ Jah cure.

  13. welcome back man we miss u so much and pliz make an effort to come to KENYA with DJ Jah cure.

  14. Thank God Busy Signal out of that stinking place. I gotta see him perform some Sunday night! Pls come to Florida and do a big stage show. We deserve a true performer. It’s unbelievable the talent of someone cleaning shoes can bring to the world. Cuz him like winning a lottery ticket that just set you for life.

  15. Good to have u back Busy Alliance need your strength…..Welcome home!

  16. Anthony George-Inc Valentine

    Good to have u back Busy Alliance need your strength…..Welcome home!


  18. Dancehall nice again. Welcome back BUSY.

  19. great to have u back jah bless.

  20. Hothead. Whappen to “Mi nah go a jail again” Welcome back same way. Aawaitin dem hits now.

  21. Mpha Jims-Investments Mkwepu

    big boy z bck.

  22. welcam bek big bredda…

  23. Mr ateh ateh.we lv u welcm