Gays Steps Up Their Pressure On Beenie Man, Protest Another Show

The gay community still has beef with Beenie Man despite his very public apology to them earlier this year.

Just weeks after a California based gay rights group threatened to protest a show in that state that the dancehall king is booked for, another group, the Gay Liberation Network (GLN), has also decided to turn up the heat on the deejay.

VIDEO: Beenie Man: “I Respect Gays And Lesbians”

Beenie Man, who is booked to perform at The Shrine in Chicago, may see that show cancelled if the GLN have their ways. The show, scheduled for November 22, is being promoted by head of the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), Ephraim Martin.

The group issued a letter to the promoters of the show demanding a meeting with the intention to have Beenie Man ousted.

This is what they say in the letter:

“I wish it were possible to say that this artist performs music that is simply engaging entertainment with a great beat and sometimes gritty lyrics. Sadly, this is not the case due to Beenie Man’s history of frequent calls for violence against gays and lesbians. Such calls are anything but ‘entertainment’ when directed against a vulnerable and oppressed minority.”

“Because of his advocacy of violence toward our people and his checkered and inconsistent relationship to the global LGBT community, we respectfully request that management of The Shrine show its respect for our community and rescind its offer to have Beenie Man perform at its venue. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss this matter further.”

This was the same venue Mavado recently put on a massive performance without incident.

Urban Islandz tried to reach out to Beenie Man and the promoters for a comment but our calls were not returned.

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