“Man A Gallis” The Documentary [Video]

It is estimated that Jamaican men have a average of six sex partners in one year. Thanks to dancehall music, Jamaican men are stereotyped worldwide as “Gallis” the Jamaican term for womanizers. But are these dancehall artists practicing what they preach?

From the early 1990s to present day, dancehall has been dominated by sexually charged lyrics geared towards women. From Shabba Ranks having “trailer load a girls” to Beenie Man having “gal inna bungle,” it has become an almost requirement for every new male dancehall artists to have a “Gallis Anthem” under their name.

In this short documentary “Man A Gallis” narrated by Jamaican journalist Kalilah Enriquez, three of dancehall’s most prolific artists shared there thoughts and experience being a Gallis.

The documentary features appearances from Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Mr. Vegas, dancehall queen Carlene, and several other Jamaican media personalities.

You may be wondering if these dancehall artists measures up to the term gallis given Mr. Vegas’ recent meltdown over a cheating baby mother. Beenie Man has over 7 baby mothers, while Vybz Kartel has at least 4, and Mr. Vegas has several kids for several different baby mothers.

The deejays also discussed the long standing issue with gays and the dancehall community.

Watch the documentary below and share your thoughts in comments.