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Mavado, Tommy Lee, Bounty Killer Headline Sting 2012

Tension is running high between Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee leading up to the 2012 staging of Sting.

According to news coming from the producers, Mavado, Tommy Lee, and Bounty Killer could be the headlining act for the 29th staging of the most popular one night reggae show on Earth.

VIDEO: Tommy Lee Says He Is Ready To Kick Down Bounty Killer At Sting

Both Killer and Tommy Lee are the two most talked about artists in dancehall right now, thanks to their ongoing feud. However, you can’t discount Mavado’s dominance in the genre over the last few years, especially in the absence of Vybz Kartel, who is currently incarcerated.

The big question still remains, will Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee clash at Sting 2012?

Sting promoter, Isiah Laing, says fans can expect a high quality production this year with several big names.

New Music: Bounty Killer – Nyammy Lee/Tranny Lee [Tommy Lee Diss]

“We always listen to the streets,” Laing said. “Whatever is happening at the parties we know, we read the streets very well. Whatever the street is calling for, that is what they will get. Sting 2012 production is gonna be high quality, smooth transition from one top act to another. We also have a surprise with a four-the-hard-way sing off. Top reggae acts, we talking about big names of the past. Something that they have never seen before, we will have it this year.”

The 2012 Sting will be held on December 26th at Jamworld Portmore.

Do you want to see a Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee clash at Sting?

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  1. RIP tommy lee

  2. tranny lee haffi di bigman inna di industry! DI WARLORD

  3. Bounty ago marsh up him nyammy lee cz him got t, no uncle demon haffi stand di real war boss, seh di war w ca wait no mo…

  4. Nyammy lee z still yut 2 hv sting with bounty

  5. he is di Gaad

  6. Alliance rule d dance.
    Tommy lee fi dead.

  7. Warlord will bury Tommy Lee and that’s a fact.

  8. Tommy Lee Fans we can’t wait for the clash at Sting 2012?

  9. Bounty is a big man why clash with a pikinny like this Tommy lee.Him shuld grow up.

  10. u don know how much am waiting 4 diss sting ting, putting bounty killer n tommy lee togeda will make it even mo fun….let dem clash n see the realest war lord.

  11. No because the worl’boss said him must not clash bounty killer aka goat head at sting

  12. Yes dancehal need it to keep it alive