Student Parody Of Rihanna And Chris Brown 2009 Assault Sparks Outraged

A group of students from Waverly High School in Tioga County, New York, sparked outraged last week when they performed a skit imitating the infamous 2009 Rihanna and Chris Brown assault.

According to reports a group of white students wore blackfaces to reenacted the Chris Brown and Rihanna for a homecoming rally.

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“There were adults who should have stood up and said, ‘Hey, guys, this is not OK. Blackface is not OK. Is it illegal? No. But you should really not do that,’” Dishler, 24, a graduate from the school.

“They were trying to make something funny that is far from funny, and they were being incredibly racist while they were doing it,” Garrity told the AP. “I doubt any of those children had any idea about the history of racism and minstrels or anything like that.”

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