Tommy Lee Says He Is Ready To Kick Down Bounty Killer At Sting [Video]

Tommy Lee recently said he will not be clashing Bounty Killer at Sting, but the “Psycho” deejay maybe having a change of mind.

During a recent interview with Up and Live, Tommy Lee says if Bounty Killer step to him at Sting he may have to kick him down similar to what Vybz Kartel did to Ninjaman during their infamous clash.

“If him forward on the stage then I don’t have no other choice but to cuff the goat head,” Tommy Lee said.

“But you done know in history Kartel had to kick down Ninjaman,” Tommy Lee said while laughing. “So a me unnu want kick down Bounty.”

Tommy Lee also opens up about using the “demon” phrase in his songs, Bounty Killer on Twitter, linking with Vybz Kartel, and his style of dancehall music.

Watch full interview below.