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NO JOKE!.. Vybz Kartel Escape Prison To Appear On Talent Show [Video]

For a moment we thought Vybz Kartel had escape prison to make a fresh start in his music career. But this couldn’t be the self proclaim worl’boss because this guy should not quit his day job for a shot at stardom.

A Vybz Kartel look-a-like is creating waves on talent shows in Jamaica after he appeared on a TVJ talent show in front of judges Oral Tracey, Amelia “Milk” Sewell, and singer Alaine Laughton.

This guy could pass as Vybz Kartel twin looks wise but as for the talent part, we are not sure. Vybz Kartel raise the bar very high for the average dancehall artists.

Peep video below.


  1. the teacha a dih teacha no false copy cant compere slap weh.

  2. LOL still cant stop laughing about this. Worl’Boss

  3. waah, diss one a serious, vybz kartel twin breddah? fi real dem look- a- like..vybz mi know him shocked fi see diss, lol.

  4. a new world boss fih a next generation dis.waum say with dis yut a style vital.

  5. LOL this is Vybz Kartel twin.

  6. Lmao @ Kartel raised the bar very high for dancehall to be kidding me.