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Tommy Lee Says He Won’t Clash Bounty Killer At Sting, Wants To End Feud

Dancehall newcomer Tommy Lee Sparta says he will not be clashing Bounty Killer at the upcoming Sting show.

Speaking with the Star, Tommy Lee says war in dancehall is one of the main cause of violence and he does not stand for that.

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“War inna dancehall cause crime and violence and mi nuh deh pon dat. Mi nuh deh pon nuh clash thing fi police come pree mi and sey mi start crime,” Tommy Lee Sparta said.

“Mi and Bounty Killer a nuh enemy. Mi si Bounty a Sumfest launch and a me fuss hail him because him a elder, but him disrespect mi and mi community and mi people, friends, brothers and sisters. Him even a call up people name wey a nuh artiste,” Tommy Lee added

“Mi sorry to the Bounty Killer fans sey dem feel like mi style dem, but mi nuh sorry fi dis Bounty because him tek di wrong approach. Bounty know nuff people who know mi numba, suh if him did mean good and want me to stop deejay bout demon him cudda call mi,” Tommy Lee continues.

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Bounty Killer drop two new Tommy Lee diss track in the last week “Di Gaad,” and “Nyammy Lee/Tranny Lee.” Last month Vybz Kartel advised the “Psycho” deejay not to engaged in a beef with Bounty Killer.

Do you think Tommy Lee should clash Bounty Killer at Sting?

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  1. bunty a foundation still but him fi low the young youth dem meck dem strive, hi jus a carry belly fi the gaza fam, once a youth seh gaza him teck it up pan him head, yow dem fi low the war thing inna the music, hey bunty fi bill the man seh him kno want kno war so him fi jus meck peace rail, smh..Big up tommy lee gwaan duh yuh thing yaaw mi bowy, on behalf of me an the whole mobay wi proud a yuh,<3.

  2. Killer always a killer, viva alliance.

  3. There is no point is Tommy Lee clashing with Bounty Killer, like he said dem nuh enemy. He should have never mentioned the General name. It is not a winning situation for Tommy Lee.

  4. Hetty Bridgewater

    He can’t make with killa but he bad still big up both


  6. No show respect to your elders, We need no more war in the dancehall music peace and love.