Bounty Killer And Elvis Redwood Of SoUnique Records Ignite Twitter Beef

Dancehall’s newest beef maybe short lived but still having a ripple effect in the community.

Whether it be disc jockeys, sound system selectors or record producers, everyone is taking sides. Elvis Redwood of So Unique Records, who is behind Popcaan chart topping hit “Only Man She Want” is currently locked in a heated twitter beef with Bounty Killer and one of his young protege The Venum.

Redwood first hit up Bounty Killer on Twitter with a more diplomatic intention but that quickly turn sour after ANG artist The Venum fired the first shot.

“@GrungGaadZillA. We all use music to express our own thoughts and to share ideas! U of all persons should know this! People express them self through Music,” Redwood tweeted.

The Venum quickly responded saying, “@SO_UNIQUE_REC ba–y a devil thoughts unu a meds! Nuh xpress dat roun
nuh god fearin an str8 ppl! Else a lyrical shoot out til smaddy dead!.”

Bounty Killer then send out some very entertaining tweet in his usually animated persona.

“@THE_VENUM Tell waggonist Hell-vis say him and Nyammi Lee ago need Hell-met!,” Bounty Killer tweeted.

“@SO_UNIQUE_REC @THE_VENUM Demons cyaah have no friendship link nor relationship wid God unuh confused are sup’m? Satan a fi unuh link low God name,” Bounty Killer added.

Tommy Lee is leaving the beef for the most part under guidance from his mentor Vybz Kartel.

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  1. badman ting real talk

  2. A this dancehall gone to twitter war. what happen to Sting and Champion in action.

  3. Twitter beef nah killer u was badda Dan that u to big

  4. Twitter kill nah dawg

  5. look out for ikay bars a pain.

  6. cross angry