Snoop Lion And A$AP Rocky In FIFA 13 Commercial Plus Launch Party [Video]

FIFA 13 was launched yesterday in North America with a bang, and rappers Snoop Lion and A$AP Rocky was all part of the fun.

This is a must have game for every avid gamer in the world.

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Snoop and A$AP both starred in the official commercial for FIFA 13 and was also at the launch party in New York this week competing.

Snoop, didn’t know about soccer for most of his life, says he fell in love with the sport while on tour in Europe 10 years ago. The West Coast rap icon turn reggae star says his NFL Madden disc broke while he was on tour and after sending his boys to the game shop they couldn’t find a copy of Madden so they purchased FIFA.

“We ended up falling in love with it,” Snoop said at the launch party on Monday at SPiN New York.

“While we were playing the game, we were also learning about the game and started watching some games on TV. And it was the biggest sport in the part of the world we were in, so I just loved it,” Snoop Lion added.

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Victor Cruz and Snoop put on a show at the launch party while competing against each other and the trash talking was turned up. Cruz emerged victorious though.