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Sizzla Kalonji Backtrack On Snoop Dogg Diss, Praises The Icon [Video]

Reggae star Sizzla Kalonji may be having a change of heart on his feelings towards legendary hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion.

In June of this year Sizzla released a single “Burn Out Smithsonians,” where he took a few shots at Snoop Dogg for taking on the Rastafarian faith.

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“Nothing is right boy nothing is cool, who the rasscl–t Snoop Dogg a try fool, tell them seh a Selassie I rule, him can’t even get Selassie I stool,” Sizzla Kalonji deejay.

Now in a recent interview Sizzla had nothing but high praises for the West Coast rap star.

“To have a great icon like Snoop to come and make mention of Rastafari and embrace the culture we really like that,” Sizzla Kalonji said. “We need a lot more of these people with fame and popularity as you would say, to come and take up Rastafari work and lead it… So when we have people like Snoop Dogg and a lot more, not just Snoop, but a lot more out there.”

Sizzla got a lot of bashing from his fans after releasing the song.

Do you think that prompted him to rethink his stance on the icon coming into reggae?

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  1. Sizzla, Why u change Ya mind?
    Bun dat bling bling Rapper!
    Mi ah Big Big sizzla Fan Since 20 years But dat is Not cool man.
    We never want snoop whatever inna reggae rasta Business, culture or philosophy!
    Babylon even gets Black people.
    Remember dat!

  2. Sizzla one of the dancehall greats. Let him say whatever he wants about Snoop. Snoop is only lookin’ for more hype is all. he nah care about dancehall music or rasta thing.

  3. Dixie full a bad mine like how crab full a sh-t him a gwane like him a Rasta police a badmine and fight ppl left, rite and center

  4. richmen will never be real rastamen

  5. Sizzla finally a come to him senses.

  6. Sizzla finally a come to him senses.

  7. Sizzla you ar big man keep the fireburning

  8. Julian Achieng Ombado


  9. Julian Achieng Ombado


  10. Crack head sizzla mind nuh too stable so u affi see wid him
    Righteous today and murderer tomorrow. He’s one of the many false profits the Bible talks about believe it or not..