Tommy Lee Explains “Uncle Demon” Getting Big Break In Dancehall [Video]

Tommy Lee has been getting some heat in dancehall circles over his continuous use of slangs that are deemed demonic.

In a video uploaded on his Youtube channel, Tommy Lee Sparta explains his popular single “Uncle Demon.”

“All who say mi a demon is not looking at what they just did… because at the end of the day you never see demon a rob shops or rob anybody,” Tommy Lee said.

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“At the end of the day I can’t get up and talk about man them, I can’t take to too physical… at the end of the day when the youths them ask what is a demon, its more spiritual, but no one seeing any spirit beside me, a deejay mi just a deejay,” Tommy Lee added.

Tommy Lee also talks growing up in Flankers, Montego Bay, meeting Vybz Kartel and getting his big break in dancehall.

Peep video below.