Tommy Lee Breaks Silence On Bounty Killer Attack [DETAILS]

Dancehall newcomer Tommy Lee has stepped forward to address a boiling feud with Bounty Killer and members of his Alliance Next Generation ANG group.

Earlier this week Bounty Killer released a fiery statement blasting Tommy Lee for his excessive use of demonic lyrics in his songs. The issue of such lyrical content has sparked widespread debate as to its place in dancehall music.

Speaking with the Star, Tommy Lee says he has no comment on the issue and he will not entertain a confrontation with Bounty Killer.

“Mi nuh have nuh comment pon dat enuh, a elder and mi nah disrespect him,” Tommy Lee said. “Di youth dem just duh the right and hold up yu head. A him name Bounty and a him sey cross, angry and miserable. I have no problem with him, mi respect and love him same way, mi just a look mine and a mek sure sey mi kids dem eat.”

Alliance Next Generation manager, Cross Cris, has also stepped forward to shed some more light on their issue with Tommy Lee’s lyrics.

“This issue affects dancehall and Jamaica as a wider populace,” Cris said. “We cannot be glorifying demonic and satanic music. Some people use words/phrases without properly researching the meaning.”

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“It is the continuous glorification of satanism and demonism that is being portrayed that we are against, nothing more,” Cross Cris added.

Do you think Tommy Lee should be condemn for his “demon” lyrics?

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