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Usain Bolt Net Worth Is US$20 Million, Will Quadruple After 2012 Olympics

Usain Bolt net worth of US$20 million is far less than what most people would expect from a world class athlete. However, Bolt has earned 20 times more than the average track & field athlete over the last few years.

Despite the relatively small sum compared to other celebrity athletes such as Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant, Bolt is the highest paid track & field athlete the history of the sport.

A typical payday for Bolt ranges from $200,000 to $350,000 in appearance fees and could be even higher after this summer’s London Olympic Games. Bolt can command these outrageous fees because he guarantees a sold out crowd anywhere he performs.

For example, Bolt’s appearance at the 2010 Penn Relays drew a crowd of approximately 54,310 people, the history in the event’s 118-year history.

According to Forbes magazine, Bolt raked in US$20.3 million over the last 12 months from appearance fees, prize money, sponsors, and bonuses. This places him at number 63 on the Forbes highest paid athletes list.

After this Olympic, the 6-foot-5 Jamaican sprinter could see his wealth quadruple as Bolt mania continues to spread across the globe. Scores of major brands are already lined up to ink endorsement deals with Bolt.

The triple world record holder is already seeing huge paychecks from the likes of Virgin Media, Swiss watchmaker Hublot, Gatorade, Visa, and more.

In June Bolt inked a multimillion dollar deal with Nissan Motor, which will see the sprinter as a global ambassador for the car maker. Bolt is already a proud owner of an iconic Nissan GT-R.

Earlier this year Soul Electronics inked a deal with Bolt, which will see him developing his own line of headphones.

But Puma is the brand that signs Bolt’s biggest paychecks. In 2010 the German sports wear company re-signed Bolt in a deal worth $9 million annually until 2014.

Bolt also has several ventures in Jamaica including the famous Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records (Restaurant & Bar) in Kingston.

Bolt also released his autobiography, “9:58: Being the World’s Fastest Man,” in 2010, and another book rumored to be in the making after the London Olympic Games.

Usain Bolt is also rumored to be in talks for a documentary movie deal. Look out for Bolt mania in Hollywood.


  1. It is about time Usain Bolt start to be rubbing shoulders in the sport man earning in the same bracket as Tiger Woods. His marketing team need to be more aggressive and clever. They are too laid back and lethargic. Get Usain Bolt the best deals he’s worth. What he’s getting now he’s worth a hell of a lot more. Do your jobs Usain Bolt marketing team.

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  3. How about some bolt watch I would wear one.

  4. How about some bolt watch I would wear one.

  5. I’m glad he is making mega bucks he deserves it…he should not be broke for the rest of his life.

  6. Great,Great, so proud of u, Bolt keep shooting for the starts, Much luv to u.

  7. What makes Bolt so great is that he’s not money hungry and he loves what he does…I predict he’ll be worth around $100 million by the next Olympics….Sponsors are just starting to realize the power of his image.

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  10. the meaning of speed was defined by the one and only couple in the world and that is the the couple which gave birth to this 6foot-5 man “USAIN THE LIGHTNING BOLT”

  11. Bolt is jus unstoppable

  12. he needs people that are used to money so that he can start getting what he is really worth… the most famous and the most marketable athlete.. he should be make way more than a meager $20m compare to other athletes.

  13. Bolt soon will be richer than the Jamaican goverment.

  14. Bolt soon will be richer than the Jamaican goverment.

  15. He deserve more coz he z just great.