Daville ‘Krazy Love’ For Music

Reggae-crooner Da’Ville is aiming to surpass the previous success of On My Mind with the release of his new album Krazy Love, which is a 14-track studio effort, produced by the singer and business partner Jonnice Brown’s Fashozy Records Inc.

Da’Ville, born Orville Thomas, attracted local and international success from his 2007-released album On My Mind. The album, also produced by Da’Ville, scored big in Germany, France, UK, the Caribbean and Japan.

It also cemented the former Norman Manley High student’s status as a formidable force in reggae music, setting him apart from most due to its infectious and harmonious melody.

The 30-year-old told THE STAR that he believes the album Krazy Love is successful so far, because it shows his versatility as an artiste who can reach various audiences in music.

“Yeah, the album is something new for the fans inspired by the love and support from them. The title (Krazy Love) wasn’t a mistake because the fans are crazy for my music. It (the album) was a combination of my crazy love for the music and the fans’ crazy love for me that’s why I named it Krazy Love,” he said.

The responses, according to Da’Ville, have been tremendous as the requests from waiting fans seem to have been satisfied.

“The responses have been great. Of course, I am overwhelmed by them. The fans are saying that the album shows a different side of me and they love it also,” he said.

special reference

Three of the songs Woman, Krazy Love and When I’m With You from the album are generating quite a buzz. Da’Ville, however, said he has no favourite track but made a special reference to Woman, which he said was inspired by radio personality Miss Kitty.

“The story behind that single is pretty unique. I was listening to Miss Kitty on the radio one day and heard her talking about the struggles women face daily. She was endorsing hardworking women. I felt moved, she probably doesn’t know this but I thought it would be good to create a song for the ladies,” he said.

Da’Ville is about to embark on his album tour shortly to promote Krazy Love. This is an approach used in music many times in the past to promote the artiste’s work.

“Touring is very beneficial. What are you doing in music if you are not touring and establishing yourself so that other people can put a name to the face and the music that you are known for as an artiste, as a brand?” he said.

The Krazy Love world tour kicks off in California and continues through places such as Atlanta, Boston, Poughkeepsie, New Jersey, and Tampa, Canada, so check twitter/davillemusic or for a city near you.

The Krazy Love album was released on July 4.