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Kiprich, Konshens, Tommy Lee Rule Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night [Review]

Reggae Sumfest 2012 was arguably one of the best Dancehall Night the show has seen in many years. The hard work of the organizers and artists are evident in the quality of the show, except for a few minor delays between sets.

Overall most artists delivered solid performances with some notable standouts include Kiprich, Konshens, Tommy Lee, Spice, Popcaan, Bounty Killer, I-Octane, Khago, Beenie Man and a few others.

No Mavado For Reggae Sumfest 2012

The man from Waterhouse, Kiprich, was in fine form from the moment he entered the stage to the end. Kippo had the crowd eating out his hands as he delivered both old and new hits.

Konshens has been one of dancehall’s most consistent artists over the last few years, and his growth and maturity was evident at last nights Reggae Sumfest. The Subkonshus deejay got some of the biggest forwards of the night after delivering hits from his huge catalogue including “Realest Song,” “Gal A Bubble,” and “Stop Sign.”

Undeniably the biggest response from the crowd belongs to Tommy Lee. The former Portmore Empire deejay stepped out infront his home crowd to a warm welcome. “Gaza man crazy, no wi insane,” Tommy Lee said and the crowd went wild. Lee, who is now a member of the newly form PG13 crew, is one of the artists to watch for big things.

Several other dancehall artists did very well including two of the genre’s most iconic personality, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. I-Octane who took last year’s show, delivered a solid set. Spice, Romain Virgo, Khago and Zamunda, were all stars in their own right.

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Lady Saw was became the first female dancehall artist to be honored at Reggae Sumfest. The dancehall queen was given a well deserved recognition from the organizers for her contribution to Jamaican music.

Overall the crowd left the venue very pleased with the performances.

Kudos to the producers of Reggae Sumfest, and all the artists for putting on one of the best Dancehall Night in Sumfest history.





  3. konshens addi baddest inna di money program cau him knw how fi kill inna di tunes.. big op n RESPEK!!!

  4. me lov di weh konshens kills di tunes wid him wicked thoughts, him ah ova talented maaad winner pon di moneiy program. RESPEK!!!

  5. The best review I’ve read so far. a lot of people talking crap bout beenie and bounty but kiprich and konshens were the big man.

  6. tifa also did well, most reporters are talking about her performance in their reviews. I guess the person who wrote this review might not have been at sumfest at the time of her performance.