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Nas Explains The Use Of Kelis Wedding Dress On His “Life Is Good” Album Cover [Video]

Nas says Life Is Good for him right now, but the recent use of his ex-wife, Kelis, wedding dress on the cover of his upcoming album have some fans wondering if life is really good for the legendary rapper.

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On the cover art for his upcoming album Life Is Good, Nas is pictured dressed in a suit with Kelis iconic green wedding dress on one of his knees.

According to Nas, when his marriage fell apart and Kelis moved out, the only thing she left behind was the wedding dress, and it has been haunting him over the years.

“The cover is the blues,” Nas told MTV news. “It’s like an old blues man talking about his life. It’s just really true to what I’ve been through. It felt right. It felt like the natural way to go. The dress bothered me in the house, it always bothered me. I always thought about doing something with it. All she left was the green dress, and it clicked right there…some things you can’t plan, they happen.”

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Nas 10th album Life Is Good hit stores on July 17th. The album features singles such as “Daughters,” “The Don,” and his latest banger “Accident Murderers,” featuring Rick Ross.

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