Busy Signal Pleads Not Guilty In A US Court

Dancehall artist Busy Signal pleads not guilty when he appeared in court for his second hearing in the United States on Monday (June 25).

Signal, whose real name is Glendale Gordon, pleaded not guilty in a Minnesota court to a charge of absconding bail in 2002.

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Assistant U.S. attorney, Andrew Dunn, told the court that Busy Signal jumped his bail in 2002 before his trial for a drug charge. He then fled to Jamaica where he remained a fugitive for the last 10 years before his capture last month.

Busy Signal is facing two charges related to the 2002 incident and could face five years in prison on each count.

The presiding judge ordered the entertainer detained pending trial.

Busy Signal was arrested at the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston last month, just moments after stepping off a flight from London. He was suspected to be traveling on false documents.

An extradition warrant was sent to the Jamaican government to have the artist extradite to the United States. However, Busy waived his rights to contest that extradition.

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Busy Signal may escape the more serious charge of drug trafficking because of the extradition treaties between the United States and Jamaican government.

Signal’s attorney, Bill Mauzy, told the court that the United States does not have jurisdiction to prosecute his client on the drug charges.

Any future prosecution on the drug charges would have to be worked out between the United States government and the Jamaican government.

Busy Signal next court hearing is next week.