Buju Banton To Seek A New Trial

Embattled reggae/dancehall star Buju Banton is not giving up on his fight against the injustice he is receiving in the US.

The “Untold Stories” singer and his legal team, headed by David Markus, are planning to file an application for a new trial, after last week’s disappointing news.

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Last week an appeal court in Atlanta threw out the singer’s appeal to have his conviction overturned. The court argued that the jury’s decision to convict the Grammy winner last year was the right one.

Although that was a big blow to the singer’s fight for freedom, his lawyer David Markus says he will be seeking a new trial within the next month.

“We will file (the application for a new trial sometime in the next 30 days,” David Markus told the Observer last week.

If granted, this would be Buju Banton’s third trial after the first one ended in a mistrial and the second one ended in a conviction.

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Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie is currently serving 10 years behind bars after being convicted in a South Florida court last year on three counts of drug trafficking charges.

He could be released in 7 years on good behavior.