Azealia Banks Gets Playful For Paper Magazine [Photo]

Harlem rapper Azealia Banks covers Paper Magazine Summer Music issue for 2012. The rapper gets colourful and playful in the photo shoot that shows her bent-down similar to the controversial Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj pose.

In the issue she opens up about moving to Los Angeles, life in the spotlight, and her inspiration behind 212.

On The Music Industry

“The music industry is like a machine,” Banks said about the industry. “It’s always going and this new generation of artists – me, A$AP Rocky, Rita Ora – we’re the fuel that’s keeping it going.”

On moving to L.A.

“For me there’s three options of where to live: L.A., London and New York. London’s too expensive and New York’s too exciting: too many parties, too many of my friends. If I wanna make this my life, I have to live somewhere I can work, somewhere I can focus. My album will not come out in September if I live in New York.”

On “212”

“Nobody was listening to my music. I had been dropped from [the English record label] XL. My manager dropped me. My boyfriend left me. I was starting to accept that my career was never gonna happen. So the song was just me, like, ‘F**k y’all. Y’all not gonna help me? I’m gonna get it myself.’”

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