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Busy Signal Waives Right To Extradition Hearing, May Escape Drug Trial

Dancehall star Busy Signal has waived his rights to an extradition hearing and will instead go to the Unites States where he will stand trial.

According to Busy Signal attorney, KD Knight, U.S. Marshalls will fly the deejay to the states within a month. But there may be some good news for the “Nah Go a Jail” deejay.

According to Knight, his client can only be tried on a charge of absconding bail, because no extradition papers have been sent. Therefore, his client cannot be tried on drug charges.

Knight, who is a former government minister, said if his client is tried on drug charges, it would be a breach of the extradition treaty.

Busy Signal, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon, was arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston on Monday. He was arrested on a provisional warrant for absconding bail.

Busy Signal alleged flees the United States in 2002 before he could be tried on Narcotics charges. He was out on a bail Minnesota at the time.


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  6. I don’t understand this, how come all good artists going to jail, buju, kartel etc now Busy. I wish you The Best.

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