Busy Signal Arrested, Facing Extradition To The United States

Dancehall star Busy Signal is the latest Jamaican entertainer facing drug charges in a United States court.

Signal was arrested yesterday upon arrival at the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston, after a tour in Europe.

Busy Signal, whose real name is Glendale Gordon, was met by members of the Fugitive Apprehension Team, United States Marshalls and representatives of the British High Commission, immediately after stepping off a flight from the United Kingdom.

According to reports, the “One More Night” deejay was traveling under false documents in the name of Reanno Gordon when he was arrested.

Busy Signal is also facing extradition to the United States where he is expected to face narcotics charges stemming from an incident 10 years ago in Minnesota.

A highly placed police source told Urban Islandz that the deejay is likely to face multiple drug charges in a US Federal court. According to the source, Busy Signal was being watched for several years prior to his arrest yesterday.

Busy Signal is schedule to face the court on May 24.


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    this is a bad man thing and them still preach about drugs while they keep pushing it in the dark. No one is above the law but we still love him. PEACE

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    Recadon Sherrington Friday

    free busy……………..now for no one is perfect…………

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    tingz get sticky nd hurt,
    man cant buy pant nd a shirt,
    search and him ca fynd no work

    lyf nowa dayz ina lyf, busy
    wamama mface wangu, yu shuld use yo talent not drugz

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    Mpha Jims-Investments Mkwepu


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    Katta Dem Blackidentityrecords

    babylan ting alwayz afta blak maaaaan wah yuh dem duin.

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    Nowadays it feels like it’s a crime to be a dancehall artist…seriously!

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    dem nuh waan fi do what dem preach.no one is above di law.

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    what the hell is goin on we caan gwaan and Babylon all the time I think it is about time all these reggae artist be satisfied with what they got that talent of theirs Buju in jail now Busy I will say he should get busy in jail with God because I think he is going to be locked away fi a while you know.

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    Busy has always been known as Reanno Gordon,check his biography and correct me if im wrong just another witch hunt by Obama administration.

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