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Sean Paul Talks Tomahawk Technique, Working With Rihanna & Supercat

Sean Paul is widely regarded as the most commercially successful dancehall artistes of the last decade. Sean Paul’s sophomore album Dutty Rock propelled him to international stardom in 2002, selling more than six million copies worldwide. Sean Paul would go on to release one of the biggest hit songs of the last decade, Baby Boy, a duet with Beyonce. The single topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for nine consecutive weeks.

Sean Paul releases three albums since Dutty Rock. This includes The Trinity, Imperial Blaze and his latest Tomahawk Technique.

Tomahawk Technique was released January in the European market. The album features a new sound from Sean Paul that hardcore dancehall fans often criticize. Nevertheless, the album is well received.

During a recent interview with Global Grind, Sean Paul opens up about the album, Tomahawk Technique, working with Rihanna, and wanting to work with dancehall icon Supercat.

On Tomahawk Technique

I call it Tomahawk Technique because I think it’s cutting-edge, as to what dancehall can offer to the world right now. I’ve been very successful with dancehall music and the production that I’ve had from Jamaica, throughout the world. At this point in time, I just feel the need to expand a little bit. The inspiration was to have dancehall produced by people who do not produce dancehall all the time—pop producers, R&B producers, dance music producers—and see how it would sound. I expand the sound, sounding a little bit more pop, a little more dance-oriented. That’s what is happening on this album right now. That was the focus, and that was what I was trying to achieve. I think I did! I think it sounds pretty cool, and I think people should like a couple of the songs on there. Pretty hot stuff!

On wanting to work with Supercat

I’ve been reaching out to Supercat, who’s like the mentor for me in the business. Ever since I started to rhyme, people told me I sound like Cat…it would be an honor. I met him a couple times. We’ve talked, but not really a lot. Another dude is Shabba who is another legend I’ve looked up to. I wanted to see if I could get him on a track. He’s somebody I’ve looked up to for many years. Also, I can speak about a song I did with one of dancehall’s legends Spragga Benz. It’s something I produced and wrote, and wanted him to do. He expressed to me that he wanted me to do the song with him. The song is called, “Cylinder.” It’s an inspirational song. I think my dream has come true, in terms of me working with someone I look up to in the business with Spragga Benz.

On collaborating with Rihanna

Actually, Rihanna had a few weeks of break after her first album. She said, “I coming to Jamaica! Show me around.” I was like “For sure! Let’s go to the studio too!” One of those days I took her to the beach. We went to the Bob Marley Museum, which was very important for her. We went to clubs, and we went to the studio.

That song came out that studio. It was very stress free. It wasn’t like any label told us to do it. That was one of my favorite collaborations because she got to see the way I live, and how we do it in Jamaica, which is not unfamiliar to her because she’s from the Caribbean. That was kind of cool for me, so it was one of my favorite collaborations. I’m very proud of what she’s been able to achieve since then. Anytime she reaches out musically, I’ll be there.

According to Sean Paul, an official U.S. release date for Tomahawk Technique has not yet been set.

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