Vybz Kartel On Corey Todd Fallout: “I was too caught up being world boss”

Embattled dancehall star Vybz Kartel has opens up about the infamous split with longtime business partner Corey Todd last year. Earlier this Todd releases a statement confirming the reunion. In his statement Corey Todd attribute the split to Vybz Kartel’s associates. Now the self proclaim Worl’Boss is echoing the same sentiments.

According to the “Dancehall Hero” deejay, he was too caught up being “world boss.”

“What happened between me and Corey was just a misunderstanding,” Vybz Kartel said in a statement. “Truth be told I really had some negative elements around me, that bad mind me and Corey partnership because of its success. At the time I was too caught up being world boss to realize I was destroying one of realest friendships I ever had. Being in here made me realize that we did achieve greatness together… after all if a neva fi Corey and Kartel STREET VYBZ woulda never buss in people head and Building would a never Buck pon a Saturday.”

Vybz Kartel’s common-law wife, Tanesha ‘shorty’ Johnson, release a letter from the deejay to his fans.

“Gaza fans just get ready fi start clubbing it and rummin it,” Kartel said in the letter. “Right now, this reunion bigga than the north and south after the civil war…The business mogul and the dancehall star…Awoh!”