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Ninjaman Talks Being Knocked Out In Prison, Vybz Kartel Legal Troubles [Video]

Dancehall’s don Gorgon is only a month out of jail and he is already creating a buzz. The veteran dancehall deejay recently sat down with Anthony Miller of ER where he discuss his 3 years stint behind bars, being knocked out by other inmates, the current state of dancehall, politics and Vybz Kartel legal troubles.

On spending three years in jail.

“No freedom… what would make you want to stay when you don’t know when you will die inside? Not because you’re an artiste or have money means you get special privilege.”

On being knocked out by other inmates.

“I got knocked out and I knocked out other people too. To stay on my block you have to be tough. I had to show them (inmates) that you can’t just knock me out and everything is okay.”

On Vybz Kartel

“My time in remand is going to be different from Kartel’s time in remand. Kartel is on a block with himself and his co-accused, so he doesn’t mix up with other inmates. The last time me and Kartel go court he looked at me and say Gorgon you’re tough to endure this.”

Peep footage from the interview below.


  1. ninja man is back again…….

  2. ninjaman adi king of clash n mi glad dat him out to revive di dancehall back to its position…big up gorgon…

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  4. Wowwwwwww

  5. man waz ina big situation there so thank god u out man respect dat.