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Mavado Joins Cash Money With YMCMB And We The Best Merger

Mavado’s career just got even bigger with the recent We The Best Music Group and Young Money & Cash Money Billionaires deal, which will see the two labels merge.

YMCMB head Birdman confirmed the signing earlier this week.

“I’d like to let the world know that Khaled’s brand, which is We the Best, is officially signed to YMCMB,” Birdman said.

Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffith, said they were told about the deal before Mavado became a part of Khaled’s We The Best Music imprint.

“Khaled’s deal with YMCMB has been in the pipeline for a long time, they are a family,” Jones-Griffith told the star. “Even his last album went through them and that huge single with Drake and Ross and Wayne, I’m On One, was through YMCMB. I was aware of the deal being negotiated before we signed with We The Best but it didn’t influence our decision either way. We put our faith in Khaled and what he can bring to the table and with or without YMCMB we still believe in him.”

Mavado said he expects the deal to affect his career in a positive light.

“It’s just more strength to the ting,” Mavado said. “The whole situation with us and Khaled has a family vibe to it so the family just got bigger and more powerful! I do expect it to affect me directly but only in a positive way.”

“As far as collabs with YMCMB artistes, that’s always been available. We have a great relationship with everyone at Cash Money already and we have already been recording with YMCMB acts, you soon hear them! With features, it’s always a case of when the time and record is right we reach out to them and vice-versa,” Mavado added.

The deal will bring Mavado closer to some of the top artistes in the rap game, including his friend Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and more.


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