Nicki Minaj “Starship” Video To Premiere This Week

Nicki Minaj’s highly anticipated video for her smash hit single “Starships” is set to make its debut this week. According to the Roman Reloaded rapper, the Anthony Mandler-directed cut should hit your TV sometime this week.

“It’s officially done today,” Nicki told KISS FM. “We just gotta now turn it in and then the networks will look and see if they have to take anything out. They give me such a hard time with my videos. They really do. … But hopefully Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.”

“When it comes out it’s going to be very, very saucy and very exciting, and it’s going to be lots of fun and probably going to be my best one yet,” she added.

The saucy video was shot in Hawaii in February and features the rap diva in her bikini.

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  1. Its a gd 1 nicki