Rihanna On Battleship Co-Star: “I Fell In Love With Him”

Rihanna said she had a huge crush on her Battleship co-star Alexander Skarsgard. RiRi said she had to constantly remind herself to breathe when she first met him during filming.

The “We Found Love” singer told Company Magazine: “Oh my god, he’s so hot! I told myself, just breathe, act cool. Basically, I was acting on set and off set!” She confessed.

“I mean, I went from gawking at him for hours every time I watched True Blood DVDs back-to-back on tour, then BOOM! He’s on set,” Rihanna added.

The True Blood actor wasn’t Rihanna’s only crush. She confesses that she was fond of Golden oldie Liam Neeson also.

“I fell in love with him when I watched Taken and I was so star-struck, I couldn’t even look at him on set,” the singer admitted.

“I just had to shut down completely. Then he asked me for a picture with him to send to his son and I was like, ‘Send me this picture, I want it too!”

Rihanna confesses it wasn’t all love and fun on set during filming. She told the magazine that she hated her personal trainer whose work out regime was so intense it made her cry.

“It was not fun and was actually very scary!” Rihanna said. “I know he’s a good person inside, but he had to break me out of everything I was used to. He made sure I was humble, and that I didn’t think about Rihanna the superstar. He made me do push-ups, made me cry and he made me ANGRY!”

Battleship opens in theaters on May 18.