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DeMarco To Respond To Popcaan’s “Fry Yiy” Diss

Dancehall star DeMarco is recording a counteraction for Popcaan’s “Fry Yiy” diss track. According to the “I Love My Life” deejay, the new track is being produced by ZJ Chrome.

“Mek sure yuh can write some good song, and when yuh a answer, mek sure yuh answer better dan dat … get a better writer,” DeMarco warns Popcaan.

Popcaan recently release his new “Fry Yiy” diss single in response to Marco’s “Kingston City.”

“A gyal alone change dem eye and wear contacts and from yuh change yuh eye yuh cyah si. Dem nuh badda dan mi big toe, him nuh have nuh lyrics,” DeMarco said about the single.

DeMarco, who is getting ready to release his new mixtape No Dirt, has been beefing with Popcaan in recent weeks. The deejay accused Popcaan of steeling his style.

“Whol’ heap a dem tief mi style including him,” DeMarco said.


  1. Mi warn di fatty mann nuh fi mess widdi hotskul fry yiy,,,,,, burn dem a poppy mi seh!

  2. Is it up-to full album?

  3. Armyork Blindsniper Gwinji

    mi nuh diss anyone bhu popcaan z the best.

  4. Huggie Di Hotskull

    Him nuh badda dan Anju Blaxx little finger.

  5. gaza mohammed{akeela}

    burn gaza ha ha ha burn ur self eh madam not we gaza so rite

  6. Alliance 4 life burn d gay empire.