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Rihanna Interview Goes Horribly Wrong, RiRi Snap [Video]

Rihanna is growing tired of being asked questions about her personal life in interviews. During her Battleship promotional run in Australia earlier this week, the Bajan pop star abruptly ended an interview after questions started to get personal.

During her chat with Natalie Barr of Australia’s number one morning show, Rihanna almost snapped when she was asked about recent rumors about herself and actor Ashton Kutcher.

A source close to the “We Found Love” singer told Urban Islandz that she was only prepared to talk about her debut acting role in Battleship.

See excerpts of that part of the interview below:

How frustrating is it when you’re linked to another Hollywood star even if you’ve barely met them?

Very frustrating. Almost as frustrating as being asked about it.

You don’t like being asked about it?

I mean what’s the point?

Well, people are interested in you because you’re a big star.

They are! They’re interested in a lot of things that don’t matter or shouldn’t matter.


  1. The reporter called this interview controversial. How is this controversial. Who besides her than.

  2. Honestly you medians need to stay the f**k out of other peoples hairs, what if all your deepest soul dark secrets were spread out on the tabs, huh? How would you like your “CAKE” spread in your face. Love you Ri RI #KeepThatYaHeadUp ‘F dem nosey b’s’ yes I said it.