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Sean Paul Stops Smoking Weed, “I make tea with it every day now”

Dancehall star Sean Paul has given up on smoking weed, but can’t resist the temptation to consume the beloved plant.

In an interview with the Sun, the “Tomahawk Technique” deejay said he only consumes weed in the form of tea these days.

“I’ve found a different method to, how shall I say, consume. I make tea with it every day now.”

“I don’t smoke any more. After 15, 16 years of smoking every day it was bad for my voice. I was having trouble breathing, man.

“Giving up has opened my chest out and made me able to sing better.”

“I haven’t smoked for two years now. I have a cup of tea every mornin’ and I’m good for the day.”

Sean Paul also opens up about his new album “Tomahawk Technique” with a new pop sound.

“This album is dancehall music fused with pop and R&B. That’s what I was trying to accomplish. Dancehall music has space for hardcore protest music and love music, but my angle is party vibes.”

“Now I’ve put more pop in it and included what is selling right now.”