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Why Mavado Was Absent From Bounty Killer’s Mother Miss Ivy Funeral?

Dancehall star Mavado did not show up at Bounty Killer’s mother Miss Ivy funeral service last Saturday (March 17). The issue has not gone down well with dancehall fans, who feel the Gullyside deejay disrespect his former mentor.

Urban Islandz reach out to sources inside the Alliance camp, who told us that Mavado did not deliberately miss the funeral.

“Mavado did send his condolence to Bounty Killer and the Pryce family,” the source told us. “Vado have a lot of respect for Bounty Killer, and he was good with Miss Ivy. The only reason he was not at the funeral was because of business reasons.”

Mavado and his manager Julian Jones-Griffith, as well as, singer Gabriel were not at the funeral. This ignites rumors that the three are not on favourable terms with Bounty Killer.

However, the source said that is not true, “Killer have no issue with Mavado, Julian or Grabriel, they all paid their respect and support Killer.”

Several entertainers turned out on Saturday for the funeral at the Swallowfield Chapel church, among the artistes spotted were Shaggy, Beenie Man, General B, Voicemail, Kiprich, Alozade, Carlene Davis, D’Angel and sound system veteran Wee Pow.

Just days after Miss Ivy passed away, Mavado’s protégé Chase Cross release the music video for his Bounty Killer diss single “Wild Dem Up,” with Mavado making a cameo.

Watch video below.


  1. Teejay DI Fryyie Qweffa

    yow vado do sony wid chase kross, and the song a diss killa, vado ina the video.yow vado done wid killa youth,

  2. mi waa c mi breda bounty mavado an vybz.

  3. Mavado don’t diss Bounty di general

  4. is jus a nex sell out wi knw waa the pre.

  5. vado still rate di killa cause him still have a heart n vado a good youth so don’t b a fallarah! cause di killa buss yuh n not even him u not fall so how u fi take advise from some people that have no vision? when gone war the days when u would wish to even talk to the killa? don’t be like the people web cuss di gully n still live in the gully! spanish town talk!

  6. I don’t believe Movado would have missed Ms. Ivy’s funeral deliberately, he must have had a very worthy cause not to have attended.

  7. gully fags misbehaving again.