Sizzla Opens Up About His Accident In First TV Interview [Video]

Iconic reggae star Sizzla Kalonji has opened up about his near fatal motorcycle accident last year that left him hospitalized for several weeks.

In his first television interview since the accident, said he holds no regrets about the incidents of the night of August 24th, 2011.

“What is to be must be inno, all things are in the hands of the most high, naturally it’s just the time, the moment and the duty. So there is no regrets but if you can be more careful next time it would be best, but life goes on,” Sizzla told Winford Williams of On Stage.

When ask if he would still ride a motorcycle, Sizzla said it all depends.

“It all depends on the situation because even before the accident I wasn’t really riding. It was just that I went down there and they got a little club and the decided on letting Sizzla know that coming this Friday we have a little club, so I said come let we get the musicians, if you gonna use a band let me give them two hours of rehearsal, so we were just there rehearsing. Coming out of the club it was a bit hot, so we just skate go up the road and while coming back down a vehicle overtake another vehicle and bounce me and from there till now.”

Sizzla said he is fully recovered from the accident now, and he is very thankful for the outpouring of love from his fans around the world.

“It really lift my spirit in the sense that you doing the work of Jah, you been reaching out to all these people, and even if it’s through an accident the people reaches out to you in a sense where it’s just love, respect and care,” Sizzla said.

On Sunday March 18th, Sizzla will perform at his first major live event since the accident, dubbed Sizzla Unplugged and Acoustics. Kalonji will share the stage with great icons of reggae music Sly and Robbie. Also booked for the show are Fire House Crew, which is Luciano’s original band and Jessica Yapp.

Watch the Sizzla interview below and performance.


  1. Blessed love Kalonji jah bless………

  2. He looks really great……jah bless his own!

  3. great to know that he is fully recovered………….Thanks to Jah.