Are Rihanna And Chris Brown Planning Secret Wedding? [STORY]

Rihanna and Chris Brown did not only reunite on the records, they are also rumored to be engaged.

According to rumors reaching Urban Islandz ears, Brown proposed to his former girlfriend late last year but she declined.

“[Chris] proposed in November, but [Rihanna] said she wasn’t ready . . . But she finally accepted the proposal in late February,” Star magazine reports.

“She’s not wearing a ring until they can announce it at an engagement party, but Rihanna’s already told her friends and family that she’s engaged,” the magazine added.

To add more fuel to the fire, Rihanna’s childhood nanny, Sharon Bellamy-Thompson, reveal that the Bajan pop star is flying her to Los Angeles for a special party at the end of this month.

The party in question is believed to be a special engagement party.