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LAPD Cops Who Leaked Rihanna’s Assault Photos Revealed

The LAPD officers suspected of leaking the assault pictures of Rihanna from the 2009 incident are revealed.

On February 8, 2009 just after mid-night, Rihanna reported call the police after she was physically attacked by then boyfriend Chris Brown while driving home from a party.

The “We Found Love” singer was badly beaten and suffered a wound to her forehead and lips among other contusions to her face. Brown was arrested and charged with assault.

The shocking photos of Rihanna battered face was sold to TMZ, weeks after the incident for an undisclosed amount. The leaking of images prompted the LAPD Internal Affairs Group (IAG) to conduct a two and a half year long investigation.

According to The Smoking Gun, the investigation revealed that officers Rebecca Reyes and Blanca Lopez are the two main suspects behind the leaking of the images.

LAPD spokesperson Officer Cleon Joseph declined to divulge additional details of the investigation citing it’s ongoing nature.

Officer Reyes’s attorney Ira Salzman said that his client had no involvement in the leak or sale of the photos. Salzman said that the IAG’s findings contained “no criminal allegations”.

Chris Brown was sentence to five years probation in August 2009 for the incident.


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