Alison Hinds Launch Women Foundation

International soca star is looking to use her star power to empower by launching her own organization for women, The Alison Hinds Wonderland Foundation.

According to the “Roll It Gal” singer, the mission of her organization is “to serve as a catalyst for transformational human development and community change by supporting programs and services that improve the quality of life for girls, women, and families worldwide.”

The official launch of the organization will be held tomorrow in her homeland Barbados. Hinds, who has always been an advocate for Caribbean women, is looking to broaden her scope by advocating for families and equal opportunity for women.

Among the key mission of The Alison Hinds Wonderland Foundation are: Personal and Leadership Development for Girls and Women; Entrepreneurship for Girls and Women; Education and Career Development for Girls and Women; Health and Wellness Issues; Financial Literacy for Girls and Women; Eradication of Domestic Violence; Family Strengthening.

Hinds will be using her celebrity status to spread her cause for women empowerment. She also announced that there will be upcoming benefit concerts and special events geared towards the focus of the organization.