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Lil Wayne Girlfriend Dhea Shows Off Huge Diamond Ring [Photo]

Lil Wayne and his girlfriend Dhea fuel rumors that the two are engaged when they were spotted at Sunday’s Lakers vs. Miami Heat game at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

Dhea turned up with a massive diamond ring on her finger. The two were cozy courtside for most of the game, although Dhea looked as if she had better things to do than watch an NBA game.

On Valentines day Lil Wayne tweeted, “She said yes.” Sending off a Twitter firestorm in the process. But he later clarified the tweet saying he asked her to be his Valentine and she said yes.

See more photos of the ring below.



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  2. I love these two together. As for all the haters, Dhea is a beautiful girl; beautiful skin, hair, nails, teeth, face. Plus she obviously isn’t trying to jump start a career. The picture with her head on Wayne’s shoulder pretty much sums them up; she adores him, just look at her face, and he is obviously smitten and quite comfortable with her. Everybody just leave them alone and let them have their relationship. The mere fact that she isn’t “in the business” is probably a huge part of the reason Wayne loves her…and he does love her. It is so obvious. He holds her in so close to him even while walking together, they are constantly touching and he doesn’t seem to mind the interlocking of arms even while eating popcorn. Can’t everyone just be happy that he has found some solid footing in the absolutely crazy business of hip hop? I also read she calls him “Dwayne”. Not Weeze, or Weeze F. Baby; just plain old Dwayne. And if she is pregnant, it is their business and theirs alone. Let it go people…