Rumor: Tyga Held At Gunpoint In Canada & Forced To Dance To ‘Rack City [DETAILS]

Young Money’s Tyga was reportedly held at gunpoint last weekend in Canada and made to dance to his club anthem Rack City.

According to Mediatakeout, Tyga had just finished playing a concert in Winnepeg, Canada, when he went to eat at a diner and apparently treated a concert promoter unkindly.

This is what Mediatakeout is saying about the incident:

“Tyga was hungry after his concert, so we took him to a diner. The waitress came over and asked ‘who’s paying for the food?’ Tyga pointed his finger at me in a feminine way and said ‘he is'”

“I just paid him 15K and he’s acting like that. I was going pay for everybody’s meal, but this Tyga guy is cheap.”
Apparently, Karma came to bite Tyga back because he then ran into a group of thugs who humiliated him.

“The same time Tyga got up with his doggie bag, some thugs approached us. They pulled out handguns. I thought they were going to stick us up, but instead they asked Tyga to dance.”

“It was funny to see Tyga dancing with his doggie bag under his arm. While Tyga was dancing he said ‘Oh my god, what’s going on’.”

Tyga is yet t comment on the allegations.


  1. Good, Tyga is fake b—h anyways, I hope he shat his sagged pants.

  2. Simon Ying Hao Mooi


  3. lol musicians always get made to dance and spit in london… gun point , knife point or just out numbered.

  4. broke city

  5. yeah right gun pint indeed some bullsh*t.

  6. winnipeg is soft I highly doubt this sh-t is true.

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