Fans And Celebs Reacts To Rihanna And Chris Brown Reunion [DETAILS]

Rihanna, who turn 24 yesterday, send her fans in a whirlwind when she release the remix for her single “Birthday Cake” featuring her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

The duo also release the remix for Brown’s single “Turn Up The Music,” with Rihanna laying a verse.

Fans and celebrities alike are voicing their opinion on their reunion.

See some excerpts from celebs below.

MUSIC: Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown – Birthday Cake Remix

Ne-Yo: Chris and Rihanna are handling the situation like adults and if they can, why can’t the rest of the world? 

Garcelle Beauvius: Chris Brown and Rihanna? Let them live their lives!

Kirk Franklin: Chris Brown is an incredible talent and that’s all that I will say he has an incredible talent.

Tatyana Ali: I think we should move on from the situation. I don’t know, I hope whatever the song is they keep it real.

Judge Hatchett: I think it is completely fine if it’s fine with them. Clearly they have figured it out and as long as it is figured out in responsible parameters, we should be fine with it. There is something to be said about forgiveness and moving on with your life.

MUSIC: Chris Brown Ft. Rihanna – “Turn Up The Music” Remix

See some reaction from fans.

Speedy12 wrote, “First of all Rihanna has to live her life … people have to get past that ‘incident’ in ’09. You guys are forgetting he has never hit Rihanna b4 that time … THEY HAD A FIGHT!! Like most of us do … they have grown up and moved past that time. Role model or not … RIHANNA CAN’T LIVE FOR HER FANS … SHE LIVES FOR HER!! And the sooner you delusional ignorant idiots realize that, the quicker they, along with everyone else who’s quick to judge, can move on. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!”

Sandra D. wrote, writing, “I realllyyyyy loved BOTH Cake and the Turn Up The Music remix. They took a bold decision, but I believe it will show the world that it is finally time to move on and get back to making great music! LOVE Chris’ music video to Turn Up The Music too!”

KringleChick wrote, “Loving both of these songs. Glad they were able to put the music first and let everything else stay behind. Both are great artists and these songs rock. Their voices are amazing together!” For other fans, however, their past is hard to ignore, and many readers met the release with disbelief and anger, citing the 2009 assault. “Why, Rihanna? Why?” LP54 wrote. “I know for lots of people it’s just a song, but for others it’s their role model saying it’s okay.