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Sean Paul Says Bob Marley Paved The Road For Him, “He Is My Hero” [Video]

On February 6, reggae fans across the world celebrated Bob Marley’s 67th birthday. On that Bob Marley was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Bob Marley’s music inspired millions of people around the world including mega stars we know and love today, such as Rihanna, Will Smith, Nas and Sean Paul just to name a few.

Sean Paul, who is himself an icon in reggae/dancehall music, praised the late reggae star for paving the road for him and many other Caribbean stars.

“He is an icon, he is a hero to me,” Sean Paul said in an interview with

“Bob Marley is someone who has paved the road that I walk on now, this great highway called reggae music. If it wasn’t for him, non of these artistes would be in the place that we are at today.”

Watch full interview below.

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