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Did Nicki Minaj Performs At Super Bowl Wearing No Underwear? [Photo]

Nicki Minaj joined her “Give Me All Your Luvin” collaborators Madonna and M.I.A. for an electrifying half time Super Bowl performance on Sunday (Feb 5).

The Young Money rapper made tabloid headlines in the days follow after photos emerged showing her not wearing any underwear.

Nicki Minaj can be seen in her cheerleader outfit strutting around the stage and crouching down. It appears as though she is not wearing any underwear under her fishnets, although it not entirely clear from the photos.

You be the judge.


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  1. We cannot celebrate artificiality, Nicki. Madonna needs to stop with all these Dravidian Kabala Rituals… and Nicki, do you really know what a conjure is? Wow. – Are you bleached out, talented Sista? I keep hearing these Eurocentric references you keep making to Anna Nicole, Dolly Parton and now Marilyn Monroe. Could you be speaking your own fate as an artificiality? Should we check your pulse? What’s sad is that these young sacrifices always appear to be having a good time while being consumed by the one who will never be ‘Like a Virgin’.