Elephant Man: “I Would Never Rape A Woman, A 20 Baby Mother Mi Have” [Video]

Dancehall star Elephant Man has stepped forward to address recent charges of rape and sexual assault. The Alliance deejay was arrested and slapped with the charges last week after a female filed a police report regarding the alleged incident.

In an interview with Winford Williams of OnStage last, Elephant Man blatantly denied the allegations refering to his 20 baby mothers as his proof of not having to resort to rape.

“Mi si over the years mi just some wickedness and some things weh people and try bring towards Elephant Man and try put to Elephant Man. Elephant Man yo have this, Elephant Man dat, but fi si it reach to here so and fi know seh Elephant Man weh represent the dancehall music certain way… No man, no woman, no girl anywhere can seh Elephant Man have a woman problem. Mi no set miself fi try draw weh girl child and dem things de. Winford mi hardly look woman, mi have 20 baby mother.”

Elephant Man also reunite with his longtime manager and friend Q45.

Peep interview below.